Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)

Protection of Personal Information Act

Interest Rate

Interest Rate

Consider in your will

Have you provided for these administration and related costs payable by your estate?

Interest Rate Cut

Interest Rate Cut

Interest Rate Cut

Interest Rate Cut

10 Straightforward decluttering projects

10 Straightforward decluttering projects

This is how much you will save on your bond

This is how much you will save on your bond after another 1% rate cut in less than a month

Interest Rate Cut

Interest Rate Cut

Payment relief from Banks

The process of payment relief from the Banks



Budget 2020/2021

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

2020’s favourable buying and lending conditions will encourag...

Fourth quarter (Q4 19) statistics released by Ooba, South Africa’s leading home loan comparison service, show minimal growth of 1.8% in the Average House Price year-on-year from Q4 18 to Q4 19. The Average Purchase Price of First-time Buyers performed marginally better, up 2.5% for the same period.

Interest Rate Cut

Interest Rate Cut

Happy Holidays

We want to thank you

Winter readiness program: Le't change lives together

Winter readiness program: Le't change lives together

For Mother’s Day, Treat Yourself to a Spa Day at Home

Create your own refreshing retreat at home, and let the relaxation begin

Why people sold property in 2019's first quarter

Downscaling, whether for financial reasons or due to life stage, is still why most people sell their homes

How to turn your granny flat into a 'money-spinner'

Does your home have a teen pad, granny flat or garden cottage? If so, you could be sitting on a great source of extra income.

Motor Vehicle License

City advises motorists to check vehicle licence disc for renewal date

No more mowing: The benefits of artificial grass

Time is in short supply, and many homeowners today live fast-paced lives with little time for priorities like family, health and exercise.

8 décor tips for a new bedroom look

Give your bedroom a fresh look this season with these easy and affordable décor ideas. Get tips…

Smart renovations that increase the value of your home

Kitchens sell properties but can also be the most expensive room to renovate.

Your primary residence and capital gains tax

Capital gains tax is somewhat of a misnomer in that it does not represent a tax in and of itself, but rather operates to include a portion of a person’s capital gains realised when an asset is sold in that person’s taxable income, and which taxable income is then subject to income tax.

What is and what is NOT covered by the Electric Fence Certificate?

As of 1 October 2012 it became a legal requirement for any Electric Fence installation to be installed by an approved installer and a Compliance Certificate be issued for such installations as per the below regulations.

What I Learned About Moving a Loved One to a Retirement Home

Setting up an elderly family member’s apartment in an assisted-care facility is a labor of love.

What does ‘junk status’ mean for SA’s property ma...

South Africans need to pay down short-term debt and consolidate long-term debt. What does the downgrade mean for the country? Goslett says that, in simple terms, the cost of credit will increase.

Buying property together: The benefits and pitfalls revealed

Property is pricey, and for many first-time homeowners, the only way to get onto the property ladder is by doing it with a partner.

Buying your first home in 2017?

Buying your first home is very exciting and if 2017 is the year in which you plan to make this leap, ensure that you have done as much research as possible to make a good choice from both a financial and personal point of view.


Selling your Home

Sole Mandate or Multi Listing?


Daar is ‘n groot verskil om minder water te gebruik en om water weer te gebruik . Alhoewel albei besparing as einddoel het.

What you need to know about using greywater

What is grey water?

National Wills Week 12 - 16 Sept

By making a Will you ensure that, after your death, your assets are protected and distributed in accordance with your wishes.


By now, your summer clothes have probably already made their way to the back of the closet while scarves, gloves and coats have become wardrobe staples.

8 Home Staging Tips on a Budget

Staging your home is an affordable and important step in selling your home quickly and for the best price. If you are on a tight budget, there are many simple ways to stage your home at little or no cost.

Interior Design Trends 2016

According to Chris Reid who features in the trend report for Elle Decoration, a trend is a movement at any point in time. Trends are about connection, the meaning we create around the things we own. He explains that trends aren't exclusive to people in creative industries, trends are about what's happening in the world, they are, in a way, a living breathing thing.

Declutter Part 2 - February: Home office — digital documents ...

Get a jump-start on tax time by getting your files (paper and digital) in order.

Preparation of a Legacy File


Gardening tips

The start of a new year is a time when many of us resolve to make some changes and do things better in the year to come. If you are like most people, you might be thinking about ways to become healthier and fitter. So, why not consider doing the same for your garden (and in the process, the environment as well)?

The New Year Clutter-Clearing Plan - we will guide you month by month

With an entire new year ahead of you, decluttering your home may not seem so hard. But after January, when that new year energy begins to wane, the prospect of tackling such a big project tends to overwhelm.

House hunters look for basics

Cape Town - Average house price growth in SA could possibly be below 5% in 2016, according to John Loos, household and property sector strategist at FNB Home Loans.

Can I afford the house?

I’m beginning my house hunt, but I’m not sure whether the bank is going to give me a bond in the price range I’m looking in.


A Trusts have various advantages, but unfortunately there are also disadvantages.

Home buying preferences of South Africans

The traditional home buying preferences of South Africans are changing as more people opt for smaller, easier-to-maintain properties, both for financial reasons and to live life less hampered by the trappings larger homes often bring.

Can you make money 'flipping' property?

Economists are predicting interest rate hikes, and it seems that it has become even more expensive to build your own home. With these market conditions prevailing, is it still possible for South Africans to make money "flipping" property?

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

Whether you are employed, self-employed or happily non-employed, you can’t afford to let Winter 2015 give you the blues or put you in your sick bed – Eskom’s ongoing contribution to our woes notwithstanding.

Managing Agents

Managing agents get a lot of criticism from owners.

ooba’s February Results

Show Increased Lender Confidence

National house prices forecast to grow 8%

GROWTH in the value of houses is set to beat inflation again this year.

10 Secrets to a Neat Living Room

Keep the clutter at bay with ‘speed bumps,’ hidden storage and a little-stuff drawer

Dealing with marriage and estate planning

It is important to understand the legal implications of the marital property regime, especially when drafting a Last Will and Testament and also when entering into a marriage, as the regime chosen by the estate planner is going to affect his/her assets.

Putting your house on the Market

These three questions will help you take the temperature of the real estate market in your area and assess the competition.

House with bigger plot

Looking for a house on a bigger plot in Boston?

Gratitude tree

What about making a “gratitude tree” this December?

Prepare for All the Costs of Buying a Home

Wouldn’t it be lovely if the price tag on your new home was all you had to pay?

10 Ways to Feel at Home in Your New Neighbourhood

Get to know your neighbours.

SA Property Market: healthiest in years

Trends, local hotspots and how we compare globally.

Credit amnesty

Cabinet agrees to credit amnesty despite industry?s objections

Why you need a home loan deposit

Prospective homeowners that save for a deposit are not only more likely to obtain a loan, but can also benefit from a better interest rate, which will save them considerable amounts over the term of their bond.