1. Start Packing – You have to do this anyway if you are moving. Pack away everything non-essential to your day-to-day routine. If you have not used something in several months it is a non-essential. Pack it and get it out of the house. This includes closet space. Pack away the clothes that are out of season. Closets should only be half full. Either rent a storage building or put things away in the attic. It is time to remove all your personal photos as well.
  2. Declutter – Remove items from kitchen and bathroom counters. By doing so, your counter space will feel much larger. This includes toaster ovens, blenders, toiletries, etc. For toiletries used every day, buy a small basket you can store under the sink or even use an old shoe box. Then, simply pull it out when you need it and store it away when you leave.
  3. Clean & Deodorize – You may want to spend a little money here and have your house professionally cleaned or you can just do this yourself and save money. A home that feels clean is a home that appears as if it has been cared for. You also want to rid your home of any funky smells.
  4. Arrange Furniture – Remember that rooms need to appear spacious . Ensure easy traffic-flow and do not block off any of the home’s features. Remove the table leaf if the dining room is small. Rooms need to have a purpose. The catch-all room needs to be a defined space. If a room does not have furniture, a simple blow-up mattress on a frame with some nice bed linens and pillows will help define an empty room.
  5. Bright Lighting – Rooms should be bright with plenty of lighting. Use the maximum wattage allowable in lamps and light fixtures. Bright bathroom lights make an impact. You may be used to the dim lighting, but potential home buyers want to see what they are purchasing. Also, bright feels bigger and that is what you are going for. Closets should only be half full (1)
  6. Curb appeal – The outside of your home is the first impression of your home. Keep your yard mowed and edged. Clean out flower beds and put down some fresh mulch. Such a little cost for such a huge impact.
  7. A Welcome Entrance – Keep the front porch swept and tidy. Eliminate any clutter and purchase a welcome mat if you don’t have one. Several colorful planters with greenery or flowers make a nice statement.
  8. Fresh Paint – If your paint is dingy or very bold, it would be a great idea to paint with fresh neutral colors. Painting, especially if you do it yourself brings in a large return on investment.

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